Litigation & CPAs

Many businesses and individuals in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties are involved in disputes without coming to a resolution. At times, litigation will be used to resolve many types of fiscal-related disputes. For clarification involving financial matters, sometimes a Certified Public Account is hired as part of the litigation process to analyze documents or to assess a valuation to determine what a fair and proper settlement should be. CPAs are skilled with financial calculations and are highly respected by judges, lawyers, and the legal profession.

Types of CPA-Involved Litigation

Contract Disputes

If you have a dispute with a building contractor over unfinished projects or unsatisfactory work performance and you can’t come to a resolution about a settlement, a CPA can be hired to assess a fair valuation of the completed work less any damages and costs where a project may need to be redone.


Filing for bankruptcy, for an individual or a business, is complex. Creditors all want to be paid the full value of products and services they provide while the bankruptcy filer wants to make all debts disappear. A CPA in Rancho Cucamonga can help assess income and debt to determine a fair settlement.

Civil Claims

Suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligence might entitle you to damages. In order to determine a fair monetary amount, a CPA might work with an attorney or insurance company to see what kind of payouts have been earned through similar incidents or to analyze the claimed expenses.

Using A Certified Public Accountant

Getting an experienced CPA involved your legal case can make a difference. A professional CPA has a legal duty to be honest and objective during court proceedings. You will get advice you can rely on as well as the knowing you are getting accurate information. Do not go into a court case blind and unprepared to present your case. Hire someone who understands financial terminology to work with you or your attorney.