Gimme A Break!

Beating Your DUI Charge

What Should You Do?

Getting hit with a DUI charge is very stressful. You may feel strongly that you were charged in error or that you were singled out for this offense. In the state of Washington, DUI charges can affect your ability to get work, so everyone takes them seriously. If you intend to beat DUI charges, you will need an experienced Seattle or bellevue dui attorney to help you fight the charges. Here are some pointers you should consider.

A Few Pointers

But I Wasn't Drinking

Some medications can show up as if you were drinking on the roadside test you took. If you think there is a good chance that this is true for you, you can fight this charge. If you can prove you were not drinking and bring expert testimony about the prescriptions you are taking, this may be a good fight to have regarding your DUI.

Reading Your Rights

Not all officers are on the ball when they pull you over. If you can show that they did not read you your Miranda Rights at the time of your DUI arrest, you have a reason to ask for the charges to be dismissed. Beating the charges may rest on being able to prove they didn't follow the proper procedures.

Due Cause

Since the police cannot actually pull a motorist over without due cause, this can be a game changer. If you were not at an actual checkpoint when they pulled you over to check you for DUI, they better have a good reason as to why you were chosen to be questioned and tested.

Fight Your Case

While these are just three reasons, there are plenty more, from racial profiling to failed equipment, that you can point out in court. If you think you have been charged for no good or fair reason, it is your right to fight it in court.